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FACEIT BOOSTING is a service which provide upranking or leveling on FACEIT. It is being completed by professional players. Our boosters have ( 10 lvl / 3000 ELO / FPL / FPL-C) at their main accounts. This guarantees fast and safe service in a short time. We have additional options for boost, such as "Lobby/Duo", "Express","Premium Queue" and "Streaming".

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Faster than all

Our boosters have a 95% win rate, which means your order will be completed as fast as possible. We will start working on your order as soon as it appears in the system. Our Support team is always online and ready to reply to you questions.

Lowest prices

Our company offers the most competitive prices on the market. We are also frequently offer discounts if it is your first order, if your order is bigger than average, or if you are a loyal customer. You can find our promo codes on other platforms related to Counter-Strike.

Full account security

We guarantee you 100% safety for your account. Our boosters cover up tracks of the boosting process by using VPN while playing, invisible mode on Steam and not using their microphone in-game. To date no customer or booster has received a ban on their account using our services.

Professional team

Our boosters are very high-skilled players. All of them have at least 3500 elo on their main accounts. Some of them played in FPL-C, have HLTV profile and background in esports. Our Support team knows all the details about the boosting process and will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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About faceit boost

Description of the service

What is Faceit boost and why do you need it ?

Faceit boost is a service that allows you to get a higher level on Counter-Strike's most popular platform, Faceit. Thanks to our professional players we are ready to help you get the level you want. By using this service you can easily get your desired rank. In your new rank you will be playing with more skilled and overall better players. Your games will be much more interesting and exciting. Boosting also gives you an opportunity to learn from our professional players, all of them have at least 3,500+ elo on their main accounts, some of them played in FPL / FPL-C leagues. And of course, all of them are experienced e-sports veterans with HLTV profiles.

Solo and Duo (Lobby) boost

When using our boost service you can give your account access to the boosters or play with them in the same lobby. Both ways are completely safe for you and your account. Our boosters have lots of experience in this type of work and they always follow special procedure, which guarantees the safety of your account. By the use of VPN servers, clearing Steam logs, and Faceit AC we can guarantee the safety of your account.

Boost as training

When using our boost service you also have an opportunity to learn from our players. Lobby/Duo boost gives you incredible gaming experience and positive vibes by playing and communicating with boosters. You will learn new things from them, which will help you to improve your individual skill. By using Solo boost service we offer you an additional option: Streaming. You will be able to spectate the booster who is playing on your account from his perspective, by joining private broadcast on Twitch or Discord. Both types of boost are great tools for you to get better and improve as a player in CS2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking questions, we recommend that you read the list below

How is the boost happening ?

The concept of the boost is simple: our high-skilled players play against lower average elo enemies, and that is the reason they can win many games in a row. This is the same thing as ‘hiring’ some professional players that will be playing with you in the same team and guarantee you a win. They will get as many wins as they need to get you the elo you desire.

Do I need to give access to my account or can I play by myself ?

There are two options: You can play by yourself with the boosters in the same team (it’s called ‘Lobby boost’) or you can give access to your account and boosters will play by themselves.

Can I be banned for it ?

No. We can guarantee that your account will be safe and nothing will happen to it. Our players are using VPN while playing, as well as a special software that reinstalls Faceit AntiCheat in order to cover up the tracks. They also only play in ‘invisible mode’ on Steam, using incognito browser and regularly clear Steam and browser cache & cookies. We have been boosting clients for years, we have boosted thousands of clients and not a single one of them got banned!

Do you use cheats ?

Of course not. We do not use any cheats or other third-party software to win games. Our players simply do not need something like that to win games.

When will my order be processed ?

As soon as your order shows up in the system, our support team will contact you by your chosen method. Please make sure that your contact info is correct. For the fastest response you can always text us first and tell our support team that you made an order.

At what time do the boosters start playing ?

Our boosting team plays daily. Keep in mind their schedules vary, but you can expect to start playing around 1PM CET (they can also start earlier or later if need be). Our support team will text you in advance when your boosting team is ready. If you have a tight schedule we can also schedule a time for your boost. In order to schedule a boost please contact our support team and we will work something out.

How fast are the orders completed ?

Our boosters play 6-8 games per day on average. Sometimes they play up to 12 games per day, but that also depends on how many active orders they have. To insure your order gets completed as quickly as possible you need to add the express option to your order.

What data should I provide when purchasing a boost ?

For solo boost we would need access to your Steam and Faceit accounts. For Lobby boost we just need your name on faceit and we will invite you to the party.

What is the average Elo in the lobby ?

It’s impossible to predict. It all depends on our current orders. Boosters are playing on the accounts of clients with active orders. Before starting the game, you can inspect your lobby, if it is not up to your standards you can refuse to play with that lobby and wait for a more suitable one for you.

I have purchased a lobby boost, can my friend come play with us?

We can organize the boost in such a way that you can play together with your friend in the same lobby, However... your friend has to pay for himself, since each slot in the lobby is assigned to one of our clients.

Can I play CS2 and other games during the boost ?

When you have an active order, you will not be able to play CS: GO or other games while we are working (this is possible only with the permission of the support operator, you can always contact him with this question). However, if you have chosen a lobby boost, you can play any games except for Faceit mm.

What happens if the booster loses a game ?

It happens sometimes. In this case, we will return all lost Elo until your order is completed. In the end, you will get what you paid for.

How can I make sure that you are not using cheats, etc.?

We are a boosting service, we have 3500+ Elo players (boosters). They don't need cheats or other programs to win. There are at least 2 boosters in each game, it is not difficult for them to win the game at a lower elo. Cheats are a big risk of getting banned, it makes no sense for us to do something like that. You can also add the streaming option to the order and watch the boosters POV on discord.

My payment method is not available on the site.

In this case you need to contact support. Not all payment methods we accept are available on the site.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept more than 300 International and Local payment methods with Fondy and PayOp. If you want to pay in a way that is not available on the site you need to contact support to resolve this issue.

Can I pay with Steam skins ?

Yes. But the price when paying in this way will be increased by 30%. To find out the cost of the skins that you want to transfer as payment, you need to contact the operator.

I have made a payment what now ?

As soon as your payment gets to our system, our operator will contact you according to the data that you have indicated for communication. If this did not happen or too much time has passed, you can contact us and we will get back to you immediately.

Can I get a refund ?

Yes. According to our refund policy.

Reviews from our Customers

What our customers say

1507 to 2001 elo Duo boost
Perfect ! Order was done quickly, boosters are really nice and welcoming ! I recommend it 100% !!!
1235 to 1800 elo Duo boost
Excellent service! Not only boost we had fun as well, highly recommended by me
1781 to 2550 elo Duo boost
Fast, Efficient, Helpful, Friendly! They complete your order really quickly, no issues with security or anything like that. The representative that you talk to is super friendly and helpful, unlike most boosting sites where the person you talk to is pretty horrible.
1422 to 1900 elo Duo boost
AMAZING ! Best boosting service I've seen. Nice and friendly boosters, very fast and perfect customer support.
1610 to 2200 elo Solo boost
The service is trustworthy and pretty fast! I would definitely suggest you take a look and try it! I recommend this to everyone.

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