Things you need to know before using a Faceit Boosting Service

Article last updated: March 7, 2023

In this article, we'll delve into the nuances of our boosting service, offering a detailed analysis that can help you get the most out of it. Who can benefit from a boosting service, and why might someone choose to use it? We'll explore the most common reasons for seeking a boost, as well as any potential consequences associated with using this service. Additionally, we'll examine various tactics used by our customers and highlight the most effective approaches. By the end of this article, you'll be better equipped to use our boosting service with maximum efficiency.

What is faceit boost?

Boosting is a popular service for increasing the level and ELO of players on the FACEIT gaming platform. It is performed by highly rated players known as boosters. To understand how this works, we need to know that there are two types of boosts: solo and duo (also known as lobby boost), and it's important to understand the difference between them.

  • Solo - This type of boost requires you to give the booster access to your account so that they can log in and play on your behalf.

  • Duo - This type of boost doesn't require you to give the booster access to your account. Instead, you play alongside the boosters in the same lobby using your own account.

It's worth noting that both types of boost are highly popular, and each has its own pros and cons, which we'll discuss in a separate article. However, the key advantage of using a boost is that it can significantly increase your win rate and lead to a faster increase in your ranking. To illustrate, this is what your match history will look like:


Can I get banned for receiving a boost?

To put it simply, using our boosting service ensures that your account won't be banned. We can confidently say that we haven't encountered a single instance of a ban on any of our customers' accounts throughout the entire duration of our company. While our website,, was launched in January 2022, our team has been offering these services for over two years and we possess ample experience in the field.

We understand that this is one of the main issues that worry our customers. That's why we wrote the article "Can I get a FACEIT ban for using the boosting service?". There you will find answers to such questions:

  • How to use the service and be 100% protected from a ban?

  • Why did I see accounts that got banned for boosting if there is a way of guaranteed protection?

  • Why does FACEIT ban some players for boosting and others don't, and what type of boosting is safer?

  • Why have our clients NEVER received a ban, and what are our advantages?

Boosters and smurfs

Now that we've discussed the types of boosting and their differences, let's take a closer look at who the boosters and smurfs are and how they are able to guarantee wins for their clients.

Boosters are typically level 10 players with an ELO of 3000 to 4000 on their main account. They're willing to assist other players in boosting their ELO. Smurfs, on the other hand, are additional accounts that boosters use to play alongside their clients in lobbies. These accounts usually have a lower rating compared to the booster's main account, giving them an advantage in the game.

For instance, a booster with a rating of 3300 might play on an account with an ELO of 1400, where they would have a significant advantage and increase their chances of winning. Moreover, boosters typically play in groups of two to three people to make the game go as quickly as possible.

Main reasons to buy a boost

Every player has their own unique reasons and motivations for using a boost. At, we value and analyze the feedback from our customers, who generously share their experience with us. We'd like to share some of our statistics with you and highlight the issues that our boosting service helps to solve.

Elo hell

Many players find themselves stuck at the same rank for extended periods of time, seemingly unable to progress. This frustrating cycle of win/lose or a string of wins followed by losses is commonly referred to as Elo Hell. It's one of the most frequent reasons why players seek our services.

Our boost is a reliable solution to help players advance to the next level, but we can't guarantee that you won't remain stuck in your new elo. If you're trapped in Elo Hell and unable to progress, our boost provides a fantastic opportunity to break free from this vicious cycle.


Get back lost elo

Experiencing a losing streak due to uncontrollable factors can be discouraging for any player. Some of the common reasons for losing games because of teammates include:

  • Toxic players

  • Players going AFK

  • Teammates who don't make callout's

  • Or playing versus a team of smurfs

If you find yourself in a similar situation, a boost might be a better option than spending time and energy trying to regain the unfairly lost ELO.

Consider using a boosting service rather than wasting your time and energy.


Jump to a new level

Often a boost is bought to jump over and gain a foothold at a higher level. This section is about how to do it correctly and as efficiently as possible.

We often discuss with our boosters the real difference in skill between, for example, a level 7 and a level 10, or the difference between a 2100 player and a 2500 elo player. Boosters unanimously agree that "There is almost no difference between 1600 elo and 2000. A game against 1600 average elo lobby could be just as hard (if not harder) than a 2000 elo lobby. " Based on this, jumping to level 10 from 7–8 and gaining a foothold there is quite realistic.

At first, you will feel out of your game and will most likely lose a few games. But as you play, you will adapt. Soon you will stop noticing the difference between your past and current levels.

Tips based on the results of our clients who jumped several levels:

Good examples of boosting are from level 5 to 8 or from level 7 to 10. We recommend buying a boost with 200 elo left over from the level you want to stay on. For example, if you are at level 7 and want to move to 10, then place an order for 2200. You will need a small margin of games to adapt to level 10. By doing this you will have the highest chances of getting into and staying in your desired rating. We recommend using the lobby boost for such jumps so you can get used to stronger opponents when playing with boosters.


By playing with boosters, you'll be matched against opponents who are at a higher skill level than you. This can take some getting used to. It's important to understand that the higher the level you boost to, the longer the adjustment period will be. Boosting from level 7 to 10 can give you a good chance to get accustomed to the new level. However, if you boost from level 3 to 10 in one go, you'll likely lose some of your gained rating and will only be able to settle in at level 6 or 7. Nonetheless, playing at higher levels will provide you with valuable experience and allow you to progress.

Boost as a way to get to the hub

Before reading this section, we recommend you to read this article - What is a Hub?

Hubs are the backbone of FACEIT. They are the reason why players generally play on the platform. They allow players to compete with each other for different prizes (points, skins, or money). It is the best way to earn something with your CS:GO skill and, it does not require a team.

Hub games on FACEIT differ from ordinary ranked matches in a few ways. Firstly, players in hubs are all focused on winning and competing for season prizes, which makes the games more intense and exciting. Secondly, the community in hubs is more positive and respectful, as players can be expelled for negative behavior or toxic communication. For players without a team, hubs offer a real chance to experience competitive Counter-Strike.

It's worth noting that those who try FACEIT HUBs after playing in regular or premium matchmaking rarely return to those modes.

Legendary abbreviations like FPL-C or FPL are also examples of HUBs, each with their specific entry requirements. Some HUBs are invite-only or restricted by region, while most require a certain ELO rating (with top HUBs starting at 2500 ELO).

As previously mentioned, our boosters have noted that there isn't much difference in skill between players at 2000 and 2500 ELO. In other words, a level 10 player should feel comfortable playing in a 2500 ELO hub. However, it can take a lot of time and effort to reach this ELO level through regular matches.

This is where the FACEIT ELO Boost service can help. Many of our clients use it to reach the ELO level required for the hub they want to join as quickly as possible. It's one of the best reasons to consider purchasing FACEIT Boost today.

By raising your ELO level with the help of boosters and the FACEIT boosting service, you can quickly join a hub and experience exciting, competitive games with a team focused on winning and the chance to win various prizes and real money. So don't waste time on ordinary matches - set your sights on the hub and get ready for an elevated experience!

In this section, we'll explore various ways and reasons our customers utilize our service. Not only will you become familiar with the available options, but you'll also learn about their outcomes based on our customers' statistics.

Learn new skills while getting Boosted

Receiving a boost is a effective way to learn new skills. As you already know, boosting is divided into solo and duo.

In duo boosting, you have the opportunity to learn from boosters by playing together, receiving tips and discovering new strategies. However, if you choose solo boosting (where a booster accesses your account and increases your K/D, AVG kills ratio, and ELO), you might wonder how you can still learn from them. To address this, we offer an additional option called "Streaming."

This allows you to watch in real-time as our 3000+ elo booster plays at your level against your opponents. By observing their gameplay, you can learn how to improve your statistics, pick up on new techniques, and discover tricks for scoring more kills.

Jump to level 10

This is the most popular reason for a boost. The goal for most FACEIT players is to reach level 10. Everyone wants to try games at this level, and with the help of our service, it becomes available to everyone.

Most players cannot increase their rating because they are constantly playing with their friends of approximately the same rating as themselves. Many of them do not set themselves the goal of increasing their skill and level. But what about those who want to develop? Our service is designed to solve this problem, and the first thing we recommend is to go to level 10.

On FACEIT, there is an unwritten rule that games only become standard at level 10, and enjoyable and engaging at 2500 elo. When you reach level 10, you can participate in games where players are focused on winning, communicate effectively, and do not go AFK or use abusive language. Many of our clients have expressed satisfaction and gratitude for reaching level 10 with our service.

Boost for the hub

If you are unfamiliar with HUBs, we recommend reading about them in a previous section of this article.

This option is ideal for those looking to improve their skills. In HUBs, players do not lose ELO when they lose a match, making it a great place to develop. Once you reach level 10, improving becomes more challenging. Boosting to 2500 and joining a HUB can be an effective strategy to play with strong players and gain experience before playing ranked matches, where your ELO changes when you win or lose.

Around a third of our customers use our service to reach the hub, and we strongly recommend trying this approach. It is the most effective way to develop as a player, and we have received no negative feedback from customers who have tried it on our recommendation.

Here's an example:

  • You are a 2000-2200 ELO player and have been at this rating for a while.

  • You want to improve your skill and rating.

We suggest boosting your ELO, which will enable you to join the player's hub (minimum requirement is 2500 ELO) where you can play matches without losing your rating. As you gain confidence and your K/D consistently stays above 1, you can return to playing ranked matches and establish yourself there.

Re-buy only lost elo

While some of our clients prefer to take a slower, more gradual approach to developing their skills, there are situations where they may lose ELO unfairly. For instance, they may encounter opponents using boosters, or teammates who refuse to cooperate, resulting in a lost game and a drop in rating.

In such cases, these clients opt for a boost to restore the ELO they lost due to these unfortunate circumstances. This approach allows them to develop at their own pace while restoring their rightful rating. We retain the ELO that they've already earned and use boosters to restore the lost ELO.

Although this strategy is sensible, it isn't very popular, accounting for only about 15% of our orders. The reason for this is that it's a slower process. Most players prefer to quickly advance to the next level and take a boost with a cushion.

Boost as buying a teammates

Let's discuss a different approach for some players who aren't necessarily focused on skill improvement or ranking up, but rather on enjoyable matches and high-quality gameplay in Counter Strike. Perhaps after a long day of work or studying, all you want is to unwind with some wins in the company of pleasant teammates. However, instead of the desired experience, you end up with losses and toxic teammates on voice chat. What do you do in this situation?

Our solution is to use boosters as your teammates. Simply place an order, specify the time you want to play, and the required number of boosters will be ready to join you. You can even place an order for your friends to join in on the fun. With this strategy, you can be guaranteed to win matches and enjoy the game with friendly teammates in a positive atmosphere.

This strategy is the second most popular way our service is used. Our boosters carry out such orders every evening, and the queue for these orders can sometimes be booked several evenings in advance. Give it a try and see how enjoyable the game can be with the right team.


Overboost is the most expensive, yet fastest way to develop your skills and jump in ranking, for instance, from 1500 ELO to 3500 ELO. It's recommended to use this tactic to join the hub, which allows you to play at a high rank without losing your elo. However, if you decide to use it for regular ranked matches, be prepared for a challenging start. Nevertheless, the adaptation process will be faster, and you will establish yourself in a higher rating more quickly.

Despite its higher price, customers who can afford Overboost are always satisfied with the invaluable experience gained in matches with a very high rating. If you're currently at level 4-10 and looking to reach a player rating and skill of 3000+ elo as soon as possible, Overboost is an excellent choice.

Boost an account for resale

Selling and buying FACEIT accounts is very popular now. If you stop playing CS:GO or decide you want to make some extra money, you can sell your account. Factors that affect the price of an account:

  • Date of registration of Steam and FACEIT

  • Played hours on Steam account in CS:GO

  • Any medals and Steam achievements

  • Number of matches on FACEIT

  • Current level and ELO

From this list, you can understand that smurfs (accounts used for boosting in the lobby by boosters with a fresh registration date and a small number of hours on steam are not expensive), but if you want to sell your old or t main account, the price will be high.

We help prepare your account for sale and upgrade it to increase the price. For example, you have an account registered in 2010 in Steam/FACEIT with 2200 elo. The price of such an account will be high due to the low rating. We propose to raise the rating to 3000–3500 with the help of a boost. Prices for such accounts reach up to 1500 euros with a successful sale. Thus, customers invest 200-500 euros in their old account and raise its price by 2-3 times when selling.

Boosting for the resale of faceit accounts is rapidly gaining popularity. Previously, most people approached us with a desire to sell accounts, but now half of them want us to boost them. That happens because they started making good money on it. We suggest you try it too.

Get boosted so you can work as a booster

To date, the work of a booster has become very popular. More and more players want to make money doing what they love - playing CS:GO. Now we will tell you how the process of searching for a job with a booster takes place, how to get it, and how the boost will help in solving this issue.

Boosting company's regularly receive many applicants who apply to work as boosters. The main criteria in their selection is the player's rating - the higher it is, the more likely that you will be chosen. If you have 3500-4000 ELO and desire to earn money by boosting accounts you will be hired on the spot! Approximately 90% of applications from booster who do not have 3500 elo are considered only when the service urgently needs a booster. But if the application is from a player with more than 3500 elo, he is guaranteed to get a job.

If you want to become a booster, you have a lot of time and desire, but your rating is below 3500 - a boost is the easiest solution. We also can boost you up to 4000 ELO, just contact the operator for this. You buy the missing ELO and apply to work as a booster for all services at once. It is impossible to distinguish a player of 3000 and 3500 elo by eye, but boosting companies will only look at your rating. For you, this boost will be an investment in your future, and you can quickly regain the money spent on it as soon as you start working.

In all known cases every single person who was boosted to 3500 elo had no trouble in finding a job boosting.