Things you need to know before using a Faceit Boosting Service

Article last updated: November 9, 2022

In this article, we will analyze in detail all the subtleties of the boosting service. For whom does it exist, and who buys it? What are the most popular reasons for buying and the consequences of using such a service?

What is faceit boost?

Boosting is a popular service for increasing the Level and ELO of players on the FACEIT gaming platform. It is done by players with a high rating called boosters. To understand how this works, we need to know that there are two types of boost: solo and duo (also called lobby boost) and understand the difference between them.

  • Solo - when you give access to an account to a booster, he enters and plays on it.

  • Duo - is a type of boost without giving an account, in which the client himself plays from his account along with boosters in the same lobby.

It is important to note that both types are very popular, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in another article. The main advantage of using boost is that you will win much more often, and your rank will grow much faster. It looks something like this:


Can i get banned for a boost?

Here we will give a short answer to this question - by using our service you guarantee you will not be banned. We have not had a single case of a ban on our customers' accounts for the entire time of our work. Even though the website has been operating since January 2022, the project is based on an experienced team that has been providing such services in this field for more than 2 years.

We understand that this is one of the main issues that worry our customers. That's why we wrote the article "Can I get a FACEIT ban for using the boosting service?". There you will find answers to such questions:

  • How to use the service and be 100% protected from a ban?

  • Why did I see accounts that got banned for boost if there is a way of guaranteed protection?

  • Why does FACEIT ban some players for boosting and others don't, and what type of boosting is safer?

  • Why only our clients have never received a ban and what are our advantages?

Boosters and smurfs

Now we know what types of boosting exist and the difference between them. Let's figure out who the boosters and smurfs are. How are they guaranteed to win? What is their secret?

Boosters are level 10 players, who have 3000–4000 ELO on their account. They are ready to help other players in raising their ELO. Smurfs are additional accounts that they use to play in the lobby with customers. Such accounts always have a low rating compared to the booster’s main one, which allows them to dominate.

For example, a booster with a rating of 3300 plays on account of 1400 elo - there, he has an advantage in the game and, as a result, wins. At the same time, boosters always play together for 2-3 people. That allows you to make the game as fast as possible.

Main reasons to buy a boost

Each player has their reasons and motives for using a boost - this is individual. We always collect and analyze feedback from our customers, who share their experience of using the service with us. Now we will share our statistics with you and focus on problems that boost solves.

Elo hell

A lot of players get stuck on one rank for a long time and can't move on. It looks like this: win/lose, win/lose, or 3 wins followed by 3 losses, and so on. This cycle, from which it is impossible to exit, the players call Elo Hell. It is one of the most common reasons why players turn to us for a service.

Boost is guaranteed to move players further when everyone gets their result. But no one is guaranteed not to stand still as before. If you are stuck on one rank and can't move for a long time, boost is a great opportunity to get out of this endless cycle.


Get back of lost elo

Everyone has unlucky games and losing streaks. The reasons are always different. It's one thing to lose a game in a fight where the opponent was a little more fortunate. But it's a totally different thing to lose when the team comes across teammates with whom it is impossible to win. For example:

  • Toxic players

  • Lovers to stand AFK

  • Teammates without headphones and microphone

  • Or the opposing team is full of boosters

The player gets tilted after such losses. Continuing to play with the hope of winning back the lost ELO situation getting only worse. A long losing streak and a terrible mood as a result.

Players turn to us to get out of tilt and not spend a lot of energy on restoring the unfairly lost ELO. If you have a similar situation, then try a boost instead of wasting your time and nerves.


Jump to a new level

Often a boost is bought to jump over and gain a foothold at a higher level. And that makes sense. This section is about how to do it correctly and as efficiently as possible.

We often discuss with our boosters the real difference in skill between, for example, 7 and 10 levels or between 2100 and 2500 elo. Boosters saying: "There is almost no difference between 1600 elo and 2000. A game against 1600 average elo lobby could be more complicated than 2000. " Based on this, jumping to level 10 from 7–8 and gaining a foothold there is quite realistic.

At first, you will feel out of your game and will most likely lose a few games. But as you play, you will adapt. Soon you will stop noticing the difference between your past and current levels.

Tips based on the results of our clients who jumped several levels:

Good examples of boosting are from level 5 to 8 or from level 7 to 10. We recommend buying a boost with 200 elo left over from the level you want to stay on. For example, if you are at level 7 and want to move to 10, then place an order before 2200. You will need a small margin of games to adapt to level 10. In that case, you will have the highest chances of getting into and gaining a foothold in the desired rating. We recommend using the lobby boost for such jumps so you can get used to stronger opponents when playing with boosters.


When playing with boosters, you will already be playing against opponents at a level higher than your current level. You will start to get used to it as a result. You must understand that the more levels you jump over, the longer the adaptation process will take. If you place an order from level 7 to 10, you have a good chance of gaining a foothold. But from level 3 to 10 at once, you will inevitably lose part of the acquired rating and will be able to gain a foothold only at 6–7 levels. In any case, you will gain valuable experience in games at high levels and will be able to move on.

Boost as a way to get to the hub

Before reading this section, we recommend you to read this article - What is a Hub?

Hubs are the basis of the FACEIT. That is the reason why players generally play on the platform. They allow players to compete with each other for different prizes (points, skins, or money). It is the best way to earn something with your CS:GO skill, which does not require a team.

Hub games are a bit different from ordinary ranked games. Firstly, everyone there is playing to win. They compete for the prizes of the season. Secondly, everyone behaves adequately there (because players are expelled from the hub for bad behavior and toxic communication). A hub is a real place where Counter-Strike becomes more interesting and competitive for players who don't have a team.

Remember, those who don't know what FACEIT HUBs are, playing in usual or premium matchmaking. Any player played in the hub will not return to the common matches.

By the way, if you have heard such legendary abbreviations as FPL-C or FPL - know that these are also HUBs.

Each hub has its specific conditions for entry. For example, it may be private, invite-only, or have regional requirements (for example, only for Germany). But the main requirement of most Hubs is a certain number of ELO of the participant (top HUBs start at 2500 elo).

As we wrote earlier in this article, according to our boosters, 2000 and 2500 ELO players do not have much difference in skill... 2500 players just played more and longer than 2000 elo players. In other words, any level 10 player will feel quite comfortable in the hub from 2500 ELO. But how much effort does it take to reach 2500 ELO in regular matches? Does it make sense to spend time on this?

Here the FACEIT ELO Boost service comes for help. Many of our clients successfully use it to enter any hub they need as soon as possible. In our opinion, this is one of the best reasons to buy FACEIT Boost today.

And so, you have just learned all the secrets and possibilities of the FACEIT platform. Don't waste time on ordinary matches! Set the right goals! Raise the ELO on your account to 2500 and join the HUBs! There you will find interesting, competitive games with a team focused on winning, with the opportunity to compete for various prizes and real money.

Due boosters and FaceIt boosting service you will raise Elo on your account to the desired level in no time.

In this section, we will look at different options for how and why our customers use our service. You will be able to get acquainted not only with what options there are, but also about their consequences based on the statistics of our customers.

Boosting as skill learning from boosters

It's a bit complicated but an effective way to use a boost. As you already know, boosting is divided into solo and duo.

In duo boost mode, you learn by playing with boosters. You communicate with a booster, get different tips during the game, and discover new features they use during the game. But how do you learn from boosters if you want to use solo boosting (give access to an account to a booster, and he increases the K/D and AVG kills ratio, in addition to the ELO boost)?

To do this, we have an additional option "Streaming". In this case, we offer to watch in real-time how our booster (player with 3000+ elo) plays at your level against your opponents. You will see what he does to win and how to increase your statistics. You will also learn different tricks in the game and find out how the booster scores a lot of kills and what tricks it uses to do this.

Jump to level 10

That is the most popular reason for a boost. The goal for most FACEIT players is to reach level 10. Everyone wants to try games at this level, and with the help of our service, it becomes available to everyone.

Most players cannot increase their rating because they are constantly playing with their friends of approximately the same rating as themselves. Many of them do not set themselves the goal of increasing their skill and level. But what about those who want to develop? Our service is designed to solve this problem, and the first thing we recommend is to go to level 10.

There is an unspoken rule on FACEIT. Games become normal only after level 10 and pleasant and interesting after 2500 elo. Using the transition to level 10, you will already be able to participate in games where players fight for victory and give information in the game, and not staying AFK or constantly swearing with other players. A huge number of our customers are satisfied and thank us for moving to level 10.

Boost for the hub

If you do not know about HUBs, we recommend that you first read about them in this article a few sections above.

This option is suitable for those who are aimed at raising their skill. After all, in hubs, players do not lose ELO when they lose a match. Once you reach level 10, it becomes more complicated to develop a great option would be to boost to 2500 and join the HUB. There you can play with strong players and gain experience before playing ranked matches, where ELO changes when you win or lose.

Approximately a third of customers use our service to get to the hub. We strongly recommend you try this technique. It is the most effective for your development as a player. We have not heard negative feedback from customers who started using it on our recommendation.

Here is a simple example:

  • You are a 2000–2200 elo player and have been on this rating for a long time

  • You want to develop in terms of your skill and rating

We offer to raise your ELO, after which you will join the players' hub (required minimum 2500 ELO), where you will play your next matches without losing your rating. Once you begin to feel confident in these matches and your K/D is consistently above 1, you can start playing ranked matches again and already gain a foothold there.

Re-buy only lost elo

Some of our clients do not want to develop in a more aggressive but accelerated way. They are going all the way slowly but on their own. But what about matches where you lost your ELO unfairly? For example, the opposing team has boosters, or your teammates quarreled at the beginning of the game when they did not share their positions on the map and just decided to lose a game. You just lost your rating due to unfortunate circumstances.

These clients are buying a boost to restore the ELO lost on a bad day. This strategy makes sense. With it, you develop on your own - just restoring justice. We keep the won ELO and restore the lost with the help of boosters.

The popularity of this tactic is not very high, about 15% of orders. Why? Because it's slow. Most players want to get to the next level promptly and take the boost with a margin.

Boost as buying a teammates

Let's talk about players whose goal is not skill and ranking up but just interesting matches and high-quality Counter Strike. When you come home after hard work or tiresome study, you just want to relax in your favorite game, win matches in pleasant company. But instead you are getting defeats and inadequate teammates in voice chat. What to do then?

We suggest using boosters as teammates. Make an order, set the time, and the required number of boosters will be ready. You can also place an order for your friend. You can be guaranteed to win games with pleasant company in a good atmosphere while enjoying the game.

That is the second most popular strategy for using our service. Our boosters carry out exactly such orders every evening. Sometimes the queue for such orders is scheduled for several evenings ahead. Try it once and use it regularly.


Overboost is the highest possible jump in the ranking, for example, from 1500 ELO to 3500 ELO. This tactic is the fastest for skill development but, at the same time, the most expensive. It is best to use it to enter the hub. That is a way to play at a high rank without losing your elo. If you use it for ordinary ranked matches, be prepared for the fact that the first matches will be as difficult as possible, but at the same time, the adaptation process will be faster, and you will gain a foothold in a higher rating.

This tactic is not very popular due to the higher price, but customers who can afford it are always satisfied with getting invaluable experience in matches with a very high rating. Overboost will be a good choice if you are now level 4-10 and want to have a player rating and skill of 3000+ elo as soon as possible.

Boost account before selling

Selling and buying FACEIT accounts is very popular now. If you stop playing CS:GO or decide to make money, you can sell your account. Factors that affect the price of an account:

  • Date of registration of Steam and FACEIT

  • Played hours on Steam account in CS:GO

  • Any medals and Steam achievements

  • Number of matches on FACEIT

  • Current level and ELO

From this list, you can understand that smurfs (accounts used for boosting in the lobby by boosters with a fresh registration date and a small number of hours on steam are not expensive), but if you want to sell your old account or the main one, the price will be high.

We help prepare your account for sale and upgrade it to increase the price. For example, you have an account registered in 2010 in Steam/FACEIT with 2200 elo. The price of such an account will be high due to the low rating. We propose to raise the rating to 3000–3500 with the help of a boost. Prices for such accounts reach up to 1500 euros with a successful sale. Thus, customers invest 200-500 euros in their old account and raise its price by 2-3 times when selling.

Boost for selling an account is rapidly gaining popularity. Previously, most people approached us with a desire to sell accounts, but now half of them want to boost them. That happens because they started making good money on it. We suggest you try it too.

Boost to work as a booster

To date, the work of a booster has become very popular. More and more players want to make money doing what they love - playing CS:GO. Now we will tell you how the process of searching for a job with a booster takes place, how to get it, and how the boost will help in solving this issue.

Each boosting service regularly receives many requests to work as a booster. The main criterion in the selection is the player's rating - the higher it is, the more likely that you will be chosen. If you have 3500-4000 ELO and desire to earn by boosting accounts, you are guaranteed to be able to get it. Approximately 90% of applications for work from players who do not have 3500 elo are considered only when the service urgently needs a booster. But if the application is from a player with more than 3500 elo, he is guaranteed to get a job.

If you want to become a booster, you have a lot of time and desire, but your rating is below 3500 - a boost is the easiest solution. We also can boost you up to 4000 ELO, just contact the operator for this. You buy the missing ELO and apply to work as a booster for all services at once. It is impossible to distinguish a player of 3000 and 3500 elo by eye, but the services look only at the rating. For you, this boost will be a kind of investment in your future, and you can quickly return the amount spent on it as soon as you start working.

All known cases of such use of boost were successful, and boosters got the job.